Why does the phrase "Drive fast, take chances" elicit both laughter and fear? Researchers have identified a kind of developmentally important play called "Scary Funny." Listen to this engaging conversation with Mariana Brussoni, risk researcher from the University of British Columbia to learn more about how a little bit of risk can go a long way towards a child reaching their true potential.

A big gratitude to Dr. Brussoni for being our first interview in this series! Find Dr. Brussoni and her NUMEROUS publications and contributions by clicking HERE.

Among the many contributions Dr. Brussoni has made, Dr. Brussoni and a team of researchers created an incredible (research-based) free online tool to assess your comfort with healthy risk-taking. The tool can be found by following THIS LINK.

A thousand thank you’s to Samuel Gray Edmonson for offering his music for our podcast! I fell in love with Sam’s music the first time I heard it and it is a perfect fit for our podcast. You can find and enjoy more great tunes from Samuel on Bandcamp by clicking HERE.


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